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earning more money from youtube in nepal.

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Do you think YouTube will pay you when you upload videos, get some views and subscriber? If so how many views does it take to earn one dollar? Lot of People says you will make 1$ when you get 1000 views. If that would be right than you would get 1000$ for ten lakhs (1million) views. Youtubers would be the surfing in money if that would be real. There is misconception in people’s thinking about “how to earn money from YouTube in Nepal”.

YouTube engagement in Nepal has been growing rapidly from past 3 years. Internet usage in Nepal is the key factor to alter this ratio.

According to NTA’s MIS “16.67 million Nepalese currently connects to the internet. This shows that 63% of the total people are connected to internet”.
First thing you should know that YouTube never pays anybody a single penny. You don’t make money based on the amount of view you get on your video. You are paid by Google and you make money based on people’s engagement with the Ad displayed on your videos. People should click or watch an Ad for more than 30 seconds. You can manage YouTube Advertisement from Google AdSense platform. Ad that can be placed are Cost Per Click (CPC) or Cost Per View(CPV).

Ideas about Ads?
Ads that are displayed on your youtube videos are what advertise want to display about their product or service. Google will find relevant youtube channel to place those ads. there are many factor how and where ads are displayed on youtube. Advertiser pay google based on CPC and CPV. read more ads info

Cost Per Click (CPC)

CPC means an advertiser pays money based on Ad clicked. If CPC of a keyword is 5$ and someone clicks on that Ad, advertiser will be charged 5$. Every click on that Ad by visitors will bill Advertiser 5$. Viewing this kind of Ad for longer does not charge advertiser any money unless it is clicked.

Advertise can set their budget and run the Ad campaign, when the budget is hit by the clicks, the Ad will be stopped and removed.


If advertiser thinks 0.25$ is good amount to pay for clicking their ad and sets max CPC to 0.25$. If 1000 people see the ad, and 25 of them clicks to learn about it, advertiser will only pay for that 25 clicks which is (25*0.25 = 6.25$)

Cost Per Views (CPV)

CPV means an advertiser pays money based on Ad viewed. A view is only counted when someone watches ad for 30 seconds half of the Ad whichever appears first. Advertiser will pay amount based on keywords competition to show their Ad. when the Ad is placed and someone views the Ad for 30 second they will be charged the amount they have set for the views. Clicks on the Ad does not charge advertiser additional or more money on this plan.


If an advertiser sets CPV bid to 25 cents for their Ad when it is viewed, every views more than 30 seconds or half views for the shorter Ad will bill advertiser 25 cents. So, 1000 views for the ad will charge 250$ for the advertiser.

Some Basics True View Ad that are displayed in YouTube?

Pre roll Ads: Pre roll ad are promotional short video that plays before the original content user has selected to view. This ad can be skipped after 5 seconds and can’t be closed immediately.

In search ad: In search ad are placed in top of the search result surrounded with light yellow box.

In-display ad: An in-display ad is a YouTube video ad format that appears in search results, related videos, watch pages and Google Display Network sites as a thumbnail image and promotional text. This is the most effective ad that pulls the interested costumers for your product.

Here, this is the Ad format on where and what kind of Ad can be displayd. YouTube-Advertising-Formats


Now we know that Advertiser only pays when someone engages to their ad. Which means that ad displayed in your YouTube videos need people engagement so that you can get revenue from it. You are not going to get even a penny when there is no any engagement in ad that are displayed in your YouTube videos. Even if you get millions of view on your video but not a single click and view to the ad, you don’t make any money.

Link your YouTube channel with Google AdSense

Google AdSense lets you display Ads in your youtube videos. When people engage with the ad you will earn revenue from it. There is not exact calculation of how much you can make money from the Ads engaged by visitors. It depends on which ad is displaced on the video and where the ad is getting engaged. YouTube revenue works on CPM (Cost per mille or thousand) based. Every 1000 engagement on ad gives you certain revenue.

Revenue from CPM strongly depends on how much advertiser is paying for their ads to be shown. if they pay 5$ for 1000 ads engagement you get 5$, if they pay 1$ you get 1$ per CPM revenue.

If you don’t know how to link your youtube account with Google AdSense. here is my previous post about linking youtube account with AdSense.

What can you do in YouTube?
what you are good at?

Make video of what you are good at.
If You are not good with many things, think what you are really good at. There must be 1 thing that you can do better than others. Use that gift and bring it into reality.

Are you good at singing? Let people know that you can sing as beautiful as other. If you don’t have your own songs, make a cover videos to start up. People will never dislike good talents.
Can you motivate people? Let people hear your voice so that they can make their life more valuable. There are people who are falling into depression, misery, full of sorrow and desolation. People who are loosing hopes and walking towards wrong direction. They need your voice so that lot of people will follow to right path.
You can make people laugh? If you are good at doing comedy and making every people around you laugh till they choke. Why don’t you start making more people laugh around the globe by getting into YouTube?
Are you a specialist at any particular thing? If you are specialist at any particular things like professional dog care taker or any pets, good at reviewing products for costumers, pro at gaming, public speaking, eating, Teaching, dancing and more. You need to take out your talent and skills so that people will learn from you.
This are just some ideas you can do to earn money on youtube by doing what you are good at. There are hell lot of things you can do to earn money from youtube and you can do it if you are serious about it.

Some trending ideas of making video in Nepal for YouTube.

Vlogging: Vlog refers to video blogs or video logs. People are making their personal Vlogs these day here in Nepal. There are lot of people who has vlogs on youtube with lots of subscribers. If you are getting into vlogging select a good topic, make your youtube channel attractive, make good videos by editing and putting awesome effects, be active as nobody loves when you don’t post any thing for long.

Cover Songs: While in Nepal covering songs has also been in trend. This is good way to be known fast and easier if you are good at singing. Nobody is going to listen to your song when you are not well known because if people don’t know who you are you are nobody in the market. Covering good songs will get your attention to people slowly but don’t stop doing it when you feel like quitting.

Dance channels: People in Nepal are earning through youtube by making dance videos nowadays. There are some good dance groups in Nepal who are really doing great. If you are good at dancing you can do it too. There is no any limitation to online earning, you can earn more if you can grow your youtube channel.

Reaction Videos: Reaction videos are videos in which people react to events. This idea of making video is growing everywhere not only in Nepal. People make video reacting to other videos, twitter tweets, news videos, viral videos or content. Reaction videos provide good entertainment to viewers as it is unique and fun to watch the reactors.

Funny Videos: Funny short video are ruling. People always love fun and entertainment. If you can make people entertain you are the boss. There are many YouTubers who are making funny videos based on different topics and this videos get lot of engagement too. This types of videos take peak height in short period time and drops down after reaching to audiences. Some of the video even goes viral. This types of video will help you to reach lot of people faster than other.

Prank videos: prank videos are fun to watch unless you have been victim of a prank. These videos are funny and to make this kind of videos you need lot of guts and daring attitude. people enjoy watching these kind of videos and some of the prank videos are savage. These video have possibilities of going viral through out social medias.

What can you do with your well developed YouTube channel or growing channel?

Connecting AdSense is common and most used method to earn money from YouTube. Think more about your channel. What is your channel about? What does it provide to viewers? What can be done to attract more viewers? How can you convert your viewers into costumers? Study well and research the flow of the market in your niche. What can you do so there will be more potential costumers among your viewers? It’s not easy but trying does not kills you either.

For short examples or tips:

If you are a professional dog care taker and you have a YouTube channel that is growing and have lot of viewers. You post videos about dogs, tips to take care of dogs, information on how to keep your dog healthy and more of this kind of videos. Sometime fun video with your dogs too.

dog care

Now what you can do is find a advertiser who are posting ads selling dogs products. Reach to them and ask if they want to ad on your channel as you have potential costumer for them. You can charge them bit high for ads engagement because there are more possibilities of them getting costumers from you. Getting advertiser in your niche will get you more revenues than random ads.

If you can invest on yourself, it’s good to sell your own product making some good videos about it.

You can also take care of other peoples dogs by giving tips and services, charging them service fee.

Think different and smart on what you are doing. You will never fail when you have better ideas than other which also provides better services. YouTube is an open place where you can show your skill and talent by capturing it on a video, also it is the most growing platform to earn money online. get into it because there are lots of people joining it everyday and if you don’t do it someone else will do it?

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